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Glensound Dante Intercom Beatrice D4 Deskmount intercom
Een goed, efficiënt intercom systeem is essentieel voor een productie. Nieuw hierin is het Glensound Dante intercom systeem. Een intercom systeem op basis van Dante protocol. Full-Duplex communicatie, naadloos in te passen in analoge audio en digitale systemen. Ook de integratie met Clearcom, ASL, Altair, Eartec, Greengo en Riedel bolero is mogelijk. Daarnaast kan unity Intercom moeiteloos communiceren met een Glensound Dante intercom systeem. Veel audio specialisten weten hoe dante protocollen werken. voor meer info 

Beatrice R4, 4 channel Desktop Dante intercom, with POE.

Instapmodel, 4 kanalen intercom full duplex op Dante protocol. De 4D is een desktop. Deze is ook leverbaar in Rackmount model, de R4. 

The Glensound BEATRICE D4 is a robust, 4*  desktop intercom with crystal clear audio designed for broadcast, theatre and professional audio applications.

It is part of our Beatrice intercom system that utilises the reliable and proven Dante network audio transmission protocol to allow real time distribution of uncompressed audio across standard networks. As such the BEATRICE D4 is also fully compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment using the Dante protocol.

The Beatrice D4 is also AES67 compliant.

This small desktop unit was designed to be very easy to use for the operator and simple to set up for the technician. It includes all the basic functionality required for small intercom systems and none of the overly complex installation requirements normally associated with large systems.


4 Channels

One single user connected to the unit can listen and communicate with 4* separate locations on the network. Depending upon how the Dante network has been routed, the incoming audio circuits and outgoing circuits can be different locations.

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A LIMITATION TO INCOMING NETWORK Dante streams, 2x streams. So you have 4x intercom input en 2x audio dante input.

Dante Routing & Partyline

Audio routing to/ from other devices is set up using Dante controller which allows for point to multipoint routing on outgoing circuits (but only 1 single incoming circuit for each of the 4 channels). An inbuilt partyline facility allows any of the 4 incoming circuits to be routed to any of the 4 output circuits making both simple partyline and more complex group circuits easily configured.

Onboard Mic & External Mic Input

A good quality, clear sounding microphone amplifier, designed for communication purposes, is fitted which also has the benefit of a compressor/ limiter circuit to help keep levels and intelligibility consistent even when the operator gets overly excited. This microphone amp has two microphone sources, either the inbuilt front panel mounted electret capsule which provides good voice intelligibility from normal working distances, or a balanced XLR input for connecting external gooseneck microphones. Twelve Volt Phantom power is also available and can be turned on/ off as required.

Intelligible Loudspeaker

What’s the point of an intercom unit if the onboard speaker is so cheap that you can’t understand what is being said to you? We tried hundreds of different drive units before settling on the one used in the Beatrice R4.We chose it because it had a much cleaner sound and better frequency response for vocals than any other speaker on the market that would fit in a 1RU subrack.

Volume, Panning & Incoming Levels

The front panel features an easy to use volume/ setup control. This multifunctional control provides day to day operational control of:

  1. A) Overall volume control (just turn the knob)
  2. B) Incoming channel level (push the speak key and turn the knob simultaneously)
  3. C) Panning (push the speak key and push and turn the knob simultaneously).

Mains or PoE Powered

An inbuilt wide range switch mode mains power supply is fitted for powering the Beatrice R4. It is terminated with a standard IEC plug, making it easy to plug in wherever you are in the World. It can also be powered via the Ethernet cable by standard PoE (Power over Ethernet), which can be supplied by an external PoE switch or a midspan power injector.

Headphone Output

One of our unique headphone amplifiers is fitted to the Beatrice R4.  These allow either low or high impedance headphones to be used and automatically adjust the output level to match the impedance of headphones in use. The headphone amplifier is stereo and sources can be panned to left or right ears as desired. The unique headphone amplifier can also drive mono earpieces from its stereo output without any performance issues. Headphone connection is via a standard 6.35mm TRS jack socket located out of the way on the rear panel.

Headset Connector

If you prefer an intercom headset with a single XLR connector for microphone and headphones, then fitted as standard is a 5 pin female XLR headset connector. The microphone input on this headset connector is in parallel with the 3 pin XLR and the headphone output is in parallel with the 6.35mm TRS jack.

A 4 pin male XLR can be fitted to special order instead of the 5 pin female headset connector.

Call Function

A simple call function is inbuilt allowing the operator of one unit to call/alert other users that they want to communicate with them. To call another user the operator double taps the speak key of the channel they want to call.  This then flashes a bright yellow call LED on the other user's keypanel, which continues to flash until the call is answered. As well as flashing a LED at the receiving end of the call, an audible ‘beep’ can be set to alert the user that an incoming call has been placed to them.

Display for Setup

To make setup of the unit easy and intuitive, a display is provided on the front panels. This display provides a simple menu system for setting up such items as: Button Configuration, Input Type (Mic/ Line), Microphone Gain, Phantom Power On/ Off, Sidetone Level (own voice in own headphones), Partyline/ Loop Through, Mode Mixing/ Cutting of Partyline when User Speaks.

Presence Indicator
Each channel has its own red LED that acts as a presence detector on the incoming audio circuit. When audio is detected the LED is lit and it stays lit for a short period after the incoming audio stops.

Built to Last
The Beatrice R4 is manufactured using lightweight but strong custom designed aluminium extrusions for the front and side panels and lightweight but strong extruded aluminium sheet for the lid and base. Front and rear panels are anodised and laser etched, and side panels and lid/ base are powder coated in an aesthetically pleasing textured black powder coat.

This device uses Audinate’s Ultimo Chipset.This chipset can receive 4 incoming audio channels each at 48kHz. However this chipset can only receive these 4 audio channels from a maximum of 2 network locations.
Physical Interface: 1 of RJ45 Neutrik Ethercon
Audio Sample Frequency: 48kS/s
Transfer Rate: 100Mbps
Dante Chipset: Ultimo UXT-01-004 (Note: Audinate recommends no more than 10 Ultimo chipsets on one network UNLESS another Dante device such as the Brooklyn Module (found in 8 channel Beatrice/ Dark units), is on the same network)
AES67 Compliant: The Audinate Ultimo chipset used is AES67 compliant
Mic Gain Range: +60 to +20dB
Line Input Gain Range: +10 to -20dB
Phantom Power: 12 Volts
Equivalent Input Noise: -110dB (20Hz to 20kHz A weighted 300 Ohms)
Headphone Impedance: 32 - 1000 Ohms
Max Headphone Output Level: +10dB into 600 Ohms
Headphone Connector: 6.35mm (1/4") TRS socket, can be safely connected to TS mono jack plug
Band Pass Filter: 50Hz to 15kHz
Loudspeaker Drive Unit: 8cm (3.3") full range, high efficiency, 10 watt, 130 to 20000Hz
Inband Calling Frequency: 20kHz
Amplitude: -20dBFs
Duration Of Signal: 2 seconds
Compatibility: All Glensound Beatrice units and Studio Technologies
Mains Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC +/-10%
Mains Frequency: 50 to 60Hz
Power Over Ethernet (PoE): 48 Volts
Consumption: 8 Watts
Redundancy: Mains and PoE are dioded together for glitch free redundancy
Mechanics: All aluminium with laser etched anodised panels and light textured black powder coated sides & lid/ base