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Altair WBS 202, wireless intercom basestation DECT

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Altair WBS 202, wireless intercom basestation DECT

topkwaliteit intercom systeem!

De altair wbs202 is een Dual channel wireless station. Elk kanaal kan maximaal 4 beltpacks aansturen of ontvangen, dus totaal 8 beltpacks.
Dit systeem kan naadloos worden geintegreerd in de wired altair intercom systemen, in de ASL en clearcom systemen.

We hebben ook een complete set samengesteld, uitgevoerd met 4 beltpacks. 

The new Altair WBS-202HD dual channel wireless base station doubles the capacity of the single channel station (WBS-200HD), maintaining full compatibility with it and with previous models. The unit can connect with a maximum of 8 wireless beltpacks.

2 independent radio links (2 channels) with a capacity of up to 4 wireless beltpacks each. The system can operate in two differnt modes, A/B, with two independent channels and A+B with up to 8 wireless beltpacks in a single party line.

WBS-202HD is compatible with all our wireless beltpack models, allowing the use of a maximum of 8 single channel beltpacks or 6 single channel beltpacks plus 2 dual channel "manager" beltpacks.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY 1 DUAL CHANNEL BELTPACK CAN BE REGISTERED TO EACH RADIO LINK (one dual channel beltpack registered to each channel)

- Dual pre-amble Diversity antenna system, detects and selects the higher radio signal ensuring better coverage and minimum drop-outs.

- Digital encryption process ensures high security conversations.

- Two detachable omnidirectional antennas are provided with the unit. External high gain directive antennas can be mounted when desired to increase the coverage area.

Apart from the wireless beltpacks, WBS-202HD incorporates two independent A/B party line outputs to drive standard EM-201 wired beltpacks, ES-200 hands-free desk station, etc. allowing the user to set up mixed solutions including wired and wireless beltpacks.


Frequency:1.9 Ghz band.
Transmit Power:22 dBm typically.
Receive Sensitivity:-92 dBm typically.
Beltpacks per base capability: 8xWBP-200 single channel or 6xWBP-200 & 2xWBP-202 dual channel.

Party line Channels:2 Channels: A and B selectable.
"Wideband" audio quality :100HZ - 7kHz when used along with ALTAIR "HD" wireless beltpacks.
Program Input:Selectable Mic/Line input level.
Audio Out:Party line or Mic only selectable.
Stage Announce Out:Allows PA announces from mic base and from Manager beltpacks.
Headset type:Selectable, dynamic or electret.
Headset connectors:4 pin XLR male & 4 pin mini XLR.

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